The Bizerba QR Code Solution, enabling you to add a layer of tracking. Know where your food comes from with our QR technology.

For many customers, having a clear and transparent way of tracking where their food has come from is extremely important. To date over 50 percent of all meat supplied globally are offering systems on a local level to enable customers to trace the food they purchase. This enables them to gather information on the meats history from  the fattening , slaughter to shelf.

Bizerba QR Code Solution – Interface

Who manufactured the product? When, where, under
what conditions and with which ingredients?  Questions of
increasing interest to consumers, especially for fresh

With QR code the answer comes from the label.
Scanned onto a smartphone, the intelligent technology
takes the customer directly to the accompanying website,
with detailed information using text, pictures, sound and

This enables you to clearly send a signal to all your customers that you have nothing to hide. Empowering them on making informed decisions of the food they buy and where it has been sourced. Bizerba QR Code solution keeping food trace ability within the reach of the consumer.

Bizerba QR Code Solution & Uses

Many companies are now using the technology not only for trace ability but also as an advertising tool. Labels can have the codes printed on them which when scanned will direct the customers to a website. Promotional videos and added incentives.

QR code technology is everywhere on advertising boards, buildings, shop windows. Here at Bizerba we can print the QR code onto most labels including Bizerba Labels. Famous Brands such as Muller use this technology to enable customers to trace the food source and get up to date information on the products they have purchased.

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