Bizerba energy efficient cutting. Simply a better cut. Our slicers provide the highest possible energy efficiency with the very best possible finish.

Energy Efficient Cutting – A Family Business

As we are a family run business and we have been supplying the retail industry for over 150 years, ensuring future generations and hopefully our family can continue to supply sustainable solutions. Sustainable use of resources and making every item as energy efficient as we can is paramount.

Every new machine and every label we supply has to be as sustainable as possible. Introducing “Emotion”, efficient in energy. Technology. This enabled us to design and develop some of the most energy efficient motors on the market today. All designed and built at our own production facilities.

We have managed to slice at least 50% off the energy consumed when slicing compared to other models on the market today. Not only saving energy but also saving you ££££s too. The machines use approximately 80 watts an hour. To put this into perspective consider the following simple calculations.

If a unit runs for 8 hours per day for 260 days a year. Compared to the nearest competitive unit on the market today based on 20 pence per KWh.

A saving of £13312.00 Per year. Now that’s has paid for your new slicer and saved you a pretty sum!

Energy Efficient Cutting - Emotion
Energy Efficient Cutting – Emotion

Energy Efficient Cutting – How does it work?

The motor and the components are programmed in such a way that it will recognise immediately the density and the power required for each slice. Any item that does not need full power, the system will reduce the torque or power usage. Only using what it needs as oppose to full power for every cut.

Also throughout the day, most machines will sit in idle mode and continue to use electricity. Our units use nothing, that’s right, nothing! In idle mode the machine will use no electricity.  As the unit is not using power all day, only when used it will not heat up. We have been able to increase hygiene due to this fantastic additional result.

Furthermore the units have nothing exposed.. The slicing components completely housed. Still able clean inside without tools if required but generally normal cutting conditions will result in a completely hygienic unit at all times. We have also been able to do away with air holes or breather holes for the motors as they will never over heat, again no dust, debris or foreign bodies inside the unit.

Why not read more about Bizerba Slicers, there are many variants to choose from. If you would like to discuss this further we offer free site visits and we can bring the unit to you for a viewing. Contact Bizerba today.