Cooked Meat Slicers

Firstly introducing cooked Meat Slicers from Bizerba.

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One of the most popular meat slicers are the gravity feed slicers. Ideal for delicatessens, service counters and busy kitchens. Consider the Automatic slicer GSP. Ideally suited to all manual meat cutting tasks. Due to its inclined carriage.

Furthermore due to the Ceraclean® The Essence of Purity surface the cutting motion is extremely easy. An added layer of hygiene and an extremely sharp but resilient cutting surface. Enabling you to easily cut through any cooked meats.

Cooked Meat Slicers – Options

  • Hollow-ground blade, hard chromium-plated.
  • Hollow-ground blade, Ceraclean®.
  • Cheese blade, hard chromium-plated.
  • Blade covers, open or closed.
  • Remnant holder plates, with spikes or smooth.
  • Product fixation device.
  • Rubber bars or feet.

Cooked Meat Slicers – Alternative Models

Alternatively go here to view the entire range of Bizerba Slicers. We will cover a few more models in this Bizerba Blog. The next most popular models are the automatic gravity feed slicers.

Cooked Meat Slicers Automatic Gravity Feed
Cooked Meat Slicers Automatic Gravity Feed

In addition these slicers are the most premium quality units on the market today. Also available with Ceraclean®. Full servo support is available when cutting heavy products. The slicer can also be used in Manual mode or Semi automatic mode. Depending on the users requirements.

Also included within this unit is the Energy Efficient Cutting – Emotion. Saving valuable money when the unit is not in use. Adjusting the power output depending on the weight and the strain on the blade.

Cooked Meat Slicers – Further Options

  • Extra blade versions for various products.
  • Blade covers for different product dimensions.
  • Carriage version adjusted to the product with product clamping, product holder and special product clamping devices such as product fences for tomatoes and salads.
  • Product fixation device.
  • Installation with closed frame or on feet, optionally with lifting device.
  • Includes static portion scale.

In conclusion if you are looking for  cooked meat Slicers. Then contact Bizerba today. We will visit you at your premises with the units you would like to see in action.