Ready Meal Inspection Systems

Ready Meal Inspection Systems from Bizerba. From Dynamic checkweighers with metal detectors to vision inspection systems and x-ray food systems.  We currently supply the majority of ready meal and pre-packaged food suppliers across the world.

Ready Meal Inspection Systems – Checkweighers

Firstly the first line of defence will be the dynamic checkweigher checking the weight for every package. Rejecting any under or over filled packages. Allowing production to avoid costly returns. At all times ensuring that the product give away either reduced to a minimum or eliminated.

In addition dynamic checkweighers come with integrated x-ray food systems. The combination is ideal for high speed high IP protection systems. Capitalising on space where floor areas are small.

Ready Meal Inspection Systems – Metal Detection

Also consider the consequences if metal were to contaminate one package. This will initiate a recall for an entire product line. Avoid costly product recalls by installing an x-ray system. Alternatively the more cost effective solution would be to install a food metal detector. Multiple variants in the Bizerba range depending on the speed and IP protection required.

Ready Meal Inspection Systems – Vision

Finally, an area that is generally overlooked is the final visual check. This can now be automated with vision inspection systems. Consider the LabelSecure vision inspection system for high IP protection areas. Checking packages from above and below. Label positioning and the correct label type.

Furthermore you may require a higher speed system. Consider the SealSecure vision inspection system. Also checking above and below. Lower IP protection ready meal inspection systems. With belt speeds of over 110 meters per minute.

Ready Meal Inspection Systems – Software

Consider the vast array of software systems available. The Brain2 Industrial software covers everything from Formulation, Safety, Data Capture and Compliance.

Alternatively you may want a more bespoke or modular system. Consider the Food Data Capture and Modular Nucleus systems form Niche Food Systems. A part of the Bizerba group of companies.

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Ready Meal Food Inspection

If you are looking for ready meal food inspection then Bizerba will have a solution for you. Not only checking weight. We have systems that checks inside and out side of the packages including the label positioning and expiry dates.

Ready Meal Food Inspection – Checkweighers

Firstly consider a dynamic checkweigher on the production line. Checkweighing systems ensure that every package weighed accurately before leaving the line. Any packages that fail removed with pushers automatically.

Considering the environment and the speed in which is required to check the packages. We have three main variants which would be tailored to your individual business requirements.

Ready Meal Food Inspection – X-Ray Inspection

Secondly you may need to check the inside of the packages leaving the checkweigher.  The most common system for this operation is the X-Ray food inspection system. In the past a metal detector or metal inspection system would have sufficed. However due to the varied amounts of alternative contaminants that can now enter packages most supermarket chains or buyers will now require this extra level of security and food traceability.

Ready Meal Food Inspection – Vision Inspection

Thirdly the new requirement now calls for automated vision inspection systems. Not only checking the package integrity from above and below. The vision inspection systems from Bizerba  check the correct packaging, utilised at all times. The correct labels and the label positioning is also used. It will also record digitally every package that leaves the production line for any future recalls.

Ready Meal Food Inspection – Software

Finally after years of development the Bizerba software systems are second to none. We have food traceability and food data capture systems that will communicate with the entire production line. From goods in to goods out with any manufactures equipment we can tailor the systems to your requirements. Alternatively you may want to consider our Modular system portfolio of food software solutions from Niche Food Systems. A part of Bizerba.

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