Production Checkweighers

Production checkweighers from Bizerba. German technology, built to last. If you are looking for the most reliable, robust and flexible checkwieighing systems on the market today then look no further. One of the most popular systems supplied by Bizerba is the Dynamic checkweigher CWEmaxx. All the systems are fully supported and we have extensive stock. We pride ourselves on being the go to company and the most trusted checkweigher supplier USA. Production checkweighers are one of the cornerstone pieces of equipment in the food production industry. Each pack or product is weighed and if this falls outside the set tolerance the item will be rejected with pushers. You can then reprocess the goods where appropriate.

Production Checkweighers – Areas of use

Currently we supply production checkweighers for every food manufacturing scenario. Depending on your requirements, IP protection required or the output or speed of the line. We can tailor the system to suit your needs. Each checkweigher will easily integrate into existing lines and will work with 3rd party software. However you may also want to look at incorporating the Bizerba industrial software BRAIN2. If used with the range of vision inspection systems this then enables you to have complete food traceability and data capture. Each vision inspection system used in conjunction with production checkweighers will check the weight and reject accordingly then the vision system will check the pack integrity. Seal integrity, the correct package and labels are used. Sell by dates and expiry dates will be checked. Then an image automatically stored digitally of the package for future reference if required.

Production Checkweighers – With Inspection

Alternatively you may require further inspection systems such as metal detectors or x-ray food systems. We have a complete range of integrated metal detection systems that integrate with checkweighers, avoid costly product recalls by implementing a complete Bizerba system. Some of the largest food production facilities in the USA have now installed complete lines of Bizerba equipment and software systems. Eliminating inferior products, avoiding costly product recalls and saving time whilst increasing efficiency.

For more information on the Bizerba range of production checkweighers then contact us today. We offer free site surveys and consultation visits.