Checkweighing explained

Checkweighing explained, a brief explanation on checkweighing, uses and how they improve process’s.

The automated Measuring instrument which determines the mass of a package or product, usually as it travels along a conveyor that incorporates a weighing device. The mass of each item is recorded and any that fall outside preset values are rejected automatically.

Bizerba precision checkweighers set the highest standards with regard accuracy and reliability. Multiple variants are available offering different protection types, which include wet cleaning or high IP protection systems ideally used for fresh food.  Additionally the systems can be used in combination with inspection systems such as X-ray food systems or metal detection units.

Powered by the powerful BRAIN Software the checkweigher now offers complete food traceability for your food production facility.

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Industrial Counting Scales

Industrial counting scales from Bizerba. Endless variants of scales when paired with industrial weighing terminals can all be used as counting scales. Ideal for counting, dosing and monitoring. Each terminal has the option of WiFi technology, enabling full flexibility and integration into your existing production facility and networks.

Industrial Counting Scales – Weighing Terminals

Area of Use

In combination with the various Bizerba software tools the weighing terminal iS70 may be used for many applications such as;

  • Weighing with up to three load receptors.
  • Dosing, formulating, counting, controlling and commissioning.
  • Goods receiving / Goods dispatch.
  • Production and manufacture.
  • The warehouse & Logistics.
  • Shipping.

Ideal as a central server for scales or an entry level terminal used with Nucleus modules it can be used effectively to monitor production rates, process’s and performances. Alternatively consider the Bizerba industrial software BRAIN. Analysis tools, easy ERP integration, user friendly interface tailored to your specific requirements in any food production environment.

Fully compliant calibrated industrial counting scales with full Bizerba support. We are now offering full maintenance contracts which includes free calibration once a year. Ensuring that each scale is working to its optimum at all times. We offer a broad choice of contracts, ranging from ones to ensure continuous knowledge transfer to agreements for remote diagnostics or calibration management. Each separate contract is customised and individual, yet based on proven service components.

If you are looking for industrial counting scales you may want to also look at our vast range of load receptors, from economy to precision. Every scenario can be covered whatever the requirements.

Areas of use – Load receptors

  • Load receptors with up to IP69 protection, as dual-range scale for weighing ranges up to 30 tonnes, particularly suitable for hygienically sensitive areas in food trade and food industry
  • In combination with Bizerba weighing terminals it can be used for counting, dosing, formulation, checking and commissioning
  • Designed for hazardous areas classified as zones 1/21 and 2/22 (optional)

Heavy Duty Weighing Scales

Heavy Duty Weighing Scales. Bizerba the industry leaders in checkweighing and industrial inspection systems. Introducing the robust but flexible range of heavy duty weighing scales. Also known as platform scales or load receptors, we have a variant for every industry. Precision scales for medical purposes to the large over head track scales and weigh bridges.

Heavy Duty Weighing Scales – Variants

Heavy Duty Weighing Scales - Load Receptor Economy
Load Receptor Economy

The Economy series are generally single point load receptors weighing ranges from 150 Kilograms to 4000 kilograms. Each scale can easily be integrated with our GLPmaxx series of label printers and or our range of terminals including the industrial weighing terminal is30.

Heavy Duty Weighing Scales - Load Receptors Precision
Load Receptors Precision

On the other end of the spectrum we have our professional series, multiple variants capable of precisely weighing goods with ranges as small as 15 Kilograms all the way up to over 15 Tonnes. Again each platform scale or load receptor is easily integrated with labelling systems and weighing terminals.

Heavy Duty Weighing Scales – Terminals

Heavy Duty Weighing Scales - Weighing Terminals
Weighing Terminals

Weighing terminals to compliment your heavy duty weighing scales for every conceivable scenario. Depending on the weight and the IP protection you require, we will have a terminal to suit your business. Why not discover more about the bizerba range of industrial scales and terminals.

Heavy Duty Weighing Scales – Special Scales

Heavy Duty Weighing Scales - Special Scales
Special Scales

Finally we have an entire range of special industrial heavy duty weighing scales. To include pallet truck scales, overhead load receptors for abattoirs, special load receptors that can manage weights of over 40 tonnes. Ideal for hazardous areas. For more information on our special scales why not visit the Bizerba main site.

For more information on the Bizerba industrial scales range or Heavy duty weighing scales, load receptors or platform scales feel free to contact us today for a free site survey or consultation visit. Each scale system has a modular design, built to your specific requirements. Bizerba scales will also easily integrate with existing software, terminals and label printers. Alternatively you may also want to read about the Bizerba Logistics systems that compliment our platform scale ranges.