Bizerba Slicer, Reducing wastage, how?

Bizerba Slicer reducing wastage. What our customers are saying about the Bizerba GSP H Slicer.

This week we’re taking a look at the Bizerba Slicer Range– and finding out what our customers have to say about this popular product:

Bizerba Slicer GSP Highline

The Bizerba Slicer GSP H (Gravity Slicer Premium High-line) is one of our most robust models and is perfect for use in long-term operation for industrial settings including food retail, butchers shops, restaurant kitchens and food service applications.

With it’s smooth surfaces and clever design, the Bizerba Slicer GSP H is very easy to clean with accessible components and we recommend Bizerba Ceraclean hygiene on all surfaces, which are 30 times more resistant to abrasion. The slicer has several removable parts which are easily taken off and cleaned thoroughly in a dishwasher.

The GSP H is a popular choice amongst our customers as it is very versatile, there are other gravity feed slicers available from Bizerba with a range of carriage options and combinations, optional extras and diverse accessories and it’s modular design means it can be used to develop a bespoke business solution, module by module.

This adaptable slicing machine is suitable for many kinds of product – from heavy pieces of meat to firm vegetables – all of which can be sliced hygienically – and without excessive waste.

Bizerba Slicer Features

The Bizerba Slicer GSP H’s large product channel easily grabs large products right through to the uppermost peel or skin.

It comes with a range of optional accessories including a vegetable chute and tomato gauge with a waste holder adaptor – which enables both soft and firm items to be processed.

The innovative design means that it is impossible for products to become lost within the slicer – either between the carriage and gauge plate, or behind the hand guard – and the adjustable product support with it’s large cleaning gap prevents deposits from gathering at either end.

It is very safe to use – with a wider rear panel and an optional start-up inhibitor – offering maximum safety for the operator.


Maximum slicing quality
Minimum product waste
Optimum feed-in of product in a wide range of product applications
Products processed gently yet efficiently
Simple to keep clean with hygienic design and robust Ceraclean surfaces
Uses very little energy


But don’t just take our word for it. Find out what these customers have to say about the GSP H Slicer.

Michael Boyle at the Wellbeck farm Shop in Worksop likes the GSP H because it is much quieter than their old slicer.

Mohammed Iashaq of the Punjab kitchen, South Shields. Likes the level of control and adjustments can apply with the GSP H:

“Fantastic precise slicer from Bizerba”

Tony Middlemiss of Middlemiss butchers in Otley recently replaced their other brand of slicer with 2 Bizerba GSP H slicers and is delighted with the results. With their old slicer they were replacing blades yearly, but the GSP H is much more robust.

David Cockett of JW Cockett, Hawes says:

“A quality robust product”

Also John, butchery manager at WM Phelps in Paisley noticed a ‘big difference in the amount of wastage’. Compared to his old (different brand) slicer – the Bizerba GSP H is much more efficient. Creating much less product waste left.

Bruce, butchery manager at Simon Howie in Perth bought a second slicer from Bizerba saying:

“It’s a huge improvement on our old slicer. With a full metal rear wall carriage as opposed to the plastic type.”

In conclusion Interested to find out more about the GSP Highline and how it can work for your business. Get in touch with our sales team and we will be happy to help.

PDF Download Bizerba Gravity Slicer GSP


Slicing Energy

Slicing Energy Bizerba technology – time to shut down the power-guzzlers

Commercial Slicers, Slicing Energy

Slicing machines that keep running throughout the day and energy-intensive PC scales and checkweighers.  That are not shut down overnight are no rare thing in the retail trade. At a time when everybody is trying to rein in electricity consumption and make financial savings. This makes no economic sense. In the long term, investments in energy-efficient retail solutions can be as worthwhile as the construction of low-energy buildings or the use of solar power.

Bizerba Commercial Scales, Slicing Energy

PC-based scale systems require a certain amount of time to start up and shut down. Since this phase takes too long in the eyes of some employees. Industrial scales often remain switched on overnight. A problem that can easily be solved on the IT side. Wake-on-LAN, a network-based, time-controlled on-and-off function from Bizerba. Automatically shuts down the scales in the evening and starts them up the following morning shortly before work begins. The timer can conveniently be set from the company headquarters. If maintenance or updates are due at night, the machines can be activated from hibernation by the function for the duration of the operation.

Bizerba Commercial Slicer, Slicing Energy

What’s more, PC scales now use flash-based SSD hard disks instead of power-guzzling mechanical hard disks. They are more robust, start up more quickly and consume less energy. Furthermore, LED background lighting in screens is increasingly taking the place of CCFL technologies, which consume a lot of power.

There is further potential for energy saving in converting devises to alternating current, without having to accept a loss of performance here. Modern slicing machines intelligently adapt their engine performance to the product being sliced.  Where the product is hard the performance is scaled up, whilst an easily-sliced product requires less engine power. The full torque is not required and the energy consumption remains low.

Many machines are running idle most of the day, yet consume energy at a rate of 100 percent, regardless of whether they are slicing or not. Current Bizerba devices require around 45 percent less energy than conventional machines. In addition, they barely give off any heat, so the food in the storage area does not heat up as much and stays fresh for longer.

Contact us today to find out more how Bizerba technology can help your business to save energy and money. Reduce your carbon footprint with our range of market-leading food processing technology.


Gravity Feed Slicers

Our latest video on Gravity Feed Slicers from Bizerba.

This new video will show you the versatility of the gravity feed slicers from Bizerba.

Firstly highlighting the multiple cutting methods that can be set on this standalone deluxe cutting machine.

The video also demonstrates the optional features of the Manual and Automatic gravity feed slicers and how easily they can be switched from one mode to another.

Also these days were are becoming more and more energy concious, Bizerba’s new range of gravity feed slicers are extremely energy efficient and they also offer an extremely ergonomic safe and hygienic option for your business.

This showcases the premium class in the Bizerba range of slicers on the market today. Extremely versatile and easy to clean utilising the very latest in design technology without compromising on the technical features available to this fantastic unit.

The system is designed to be maintained as it has Ceraclean Hygiene the Essance of Beauty on all surfaces. So that it can be kept to the maximum hygienic and operational standards using Bizerba’s range of care products maintain the high performance and eliminate any contamination that may occur.

Bizerba care products include foam cleaners, stainless steel cleaners and food grade oil. To ensure your slicers or any Bizerba machines you may have a kept to the very best standard.

Consider this may only be one machine but it so many applications and can adapt to any slicing needs you may have. Easily adjustable settings and can adapt to the pace of the business. There are so many possibilities.

Further bringing Bizerba ever more, closer to your business. If you would like more information on the Bizerba Slicer range. Or any other products we would be happy to discuss this with you.

In conclusion we can also at your convenience offer you a free site survey. Or a demonstration of the Bizerba range at our specialist show rooms.


Automatic Slicer

If you are looking for an automatic slicer, then Bizerba will have an option for you. If you are looking for an industrial slicer. Please see the following video which show cases the top of the range high production slicer from Bizerba.

Automatic Slicer Scaleroline.

The Scaleroline industrial slicer is unique. Integrated weighing technology and is fully automatic. If this is too much for you. Read on for further information on the slightly more manageable automatic slicers from Bizerba.

Bizerba slicers, not only ideal for large manufacturing facilities but the range also covers the smaller range to accommodate, Butchers, Deli and Bakeries.

Which automatic slicer will I need?

Deciding which slicer you require will or should be based on three main factors. Output required. Space allocation and then of course, budget. Bizerba will have a solution for you.

We can offer free site surveys, consultation and advice. We also invite you to book an appointment to view the products at our showroom.

If you would prefer a smaller model, consider a manual gravity slicer. The Bizerba GSP model range sets worldwide standards for the most reliable and easily maintained gravity feed slicer.

The Slicers optionally fitted with Ceraclean® blade surfaces enabling easy cleaning and hygiene. The GSP range is ideal for all small kitchens, small delicatessens and cafeterias and canteens. This is an individual power slicer which will cut and slice a wide variety of different products.

Bizerba automatic slicers and gravity slicers are built with safety in mind. Furthermore they call come with easily detachable components. Enabling easy cleaning. As a result low maintenance and in conclusion easy repairs.

If you would like to contact Bizerba you can do on the link. You can then request a site survey, a price or book an appointment. We have consultants all across the country. Backed by a regional network of service and install engineers.


Manual Slicer Portion Scale

Consider a manual slicer portion scale. Completely integrated for space saving and hygiene. German technology at its very best. Read more about the Bizerba manual slicer portion scale.

Bizerba Manual Slicer Portion Scale

Cutting edge technology – a great new entry level weighing and slicing machine from Bizerba

The Bizerba Validoline VSC280w manual slicer just got even better! It is now a weighing and slicing machine after being redeveloped and relaunched with added checkweighers – allowing operators to slice to the nearest gram in one action.

Validoline VSC280w manual slicer portion scale.

Powerful – hygienic – cost-effective: The Validoline VSC280W with integrated portion scale.

Precision slicing

When using a traditional slicing machine. It is difficult to slice off the exact amount required ‘by eye’ without it being over or under weight. But with it’s new integrated checkweighing capability. The VSC280w all-purpose slicer can help – by showing operators exactly how much has been cut so far. How much of the remaining product they need to slice in order to produce the required weight. This new improved manual slicer offers the superb functionality of some of our higher-specification models on an entry level machine. In addition to this it’s also sustainable, easy to operate and keep clean.

Bizerba Manual Slicer Portion Scale – Features

The Validoline VSC280w is specially engineered for ease of use. The carriage is angled at ten degrees – so that the slices slide off easily – reducing interruptions to the workflow. The controls are ergonomically designed, making it intuitive to operate with minimal training.

Safe and clean with Ceraclean

The carriage and the blade cover of the manual slicer are connected to quick-release systems. Which make it very easy to set up and clean. Many of the components of the machine including the weighing plate and the blade cover are removable. Can be placed in a dishwasher for a thorough and hygienic clean at the end of each working day. The machine housing is constructed from one piece so that it has no joints. Which could otherwise harbour bacteria and this – in combination with the machine’s closed base plate – mean that is difficult for dirt or grime to penetrate and it is very easy to keep it both clean and hygienic.

The Validoline VSC280w manual slicer portion scale is constructed from high quality components and materials, including a Ceraclean surface. This is comprised of ceramic and PTFE, which make it difficult for residue or particles from the sliced products to stick to the machine – also reducing cleaning time.

Bizerba Manual Slicer Portion Scale – Sustainability

The Validoline VSC280w utilises Bizerba ‘Emotion’ technology. Featuring a smart drive concept which automatically adapts to apply the correct amount of slicing power required for different types of product. Cheese, bread, meats etc require different amounts of pressure depending on the consistency of the product. The Validoline responds to this using smart technology to ensure that the optimum balance between performance and energy is achieved every time. Bizerba ‘Emotion’ appliances also generate lower surface warming. So the sliced goods stay fresher for longer. The sound of the motors on the VSC280w manual slicer portion scale has been re-engineered to make it much quieter. Allowing operators to talk to customers while they slice.

Finally for more information about this or any of our other slicing or weighing machines, please get in touch with Bizerba for more information.


Meat Processing

As well as supplying the food industry with meat slicers, we have now developed a range of meat processing equipment. Firstly we will look at the meat and bone saw applications available. There are two variants which will will now look at.

Meat Processing – Bone Saws

Firstly the Meat and bone saws are made completely from stainless steel. The retail version is the Carneoline FK23. Effective enough to cut frozen meat and fresh fish. Ideal for a sales counter or preparation room. A completely robust design with rounded welded edges for hygiene.

Secondly is the Carneoline FK32 this system can be supplied with a variable work area or can be used as a mobile unit. Further giving you complete flexibility as to where you would like it situated or the cutting to be completed.

Meat Processing FK32 Meat and Bone Saw
Meat Processing FK32 Meat and Bone Saw

Meat Processing – Mincers

An addition to the range are the retail and industrial mincers. Two variations depending on your production requirements. The Carneoline FW N32/98 will create different cuts depending on the required produce required. At all times mincing as oppose to squashing the meat. Capable of handling any types of cut generally used in kitchens preparation rooms and butchers. Producing a high volume when required.

Alternatively the smaller mincer from the range is the Carneoline FW N22/82. A compact but robust and reliable unit. It will mince hot and cold food, meat and vegetables. If your clients are looking for freshness. this is a perfect visual solution for any sales counter

Meat Processing Carneoline FW N22 82
Meat Processing Carneoline FW N22 82

Meat Processing – Strip Cutter and Tenderiser

Finally the Carneoline S111 strip cutter and tenderiser. Offering precision reliability and flexibility. Furthermore the compact design lends itself to any environment. The unit can handle fresh meats, cold cuts vegetables and salads.

The following video showcases some of the highlights and features of this fantastic unit.

In conclusion, we have all the tools you need for your meat processing.

For more information contact Bizerba. You can call for a free site survey or you are welcome to book an appointment to come and see us.


Semi Automatic Slicers

Firstly our Semi Automatic Slicers or premium vertical slicer. Cutting and slicing without having the need to touch the product. The perfectly hygienic meat slicer

Semi Automatic Slicers – Highlights

Also vertical slicers set this way enabling viewing of the cut products. Ultimately allowing you to view the finished product and presentation without having to touch it. Built with an automatic deposit system. Laying out the items perfectly for any presentation or packing. Multiple slice presentations are also available at a touch of a button.

Also consider the Semi automatic slicer VS12 D Perfect for hygienic slicing and presentation for all catering tasks.

Semi Automatic Slicers VS12D
Semi Automatic Slicers VS12 D

Secondly our most popular semi automatic and full automatic slicer is the Automatic vertical slicer A400 openworld.  Considering they are popular with large kitchens and food counters. Also easily sustaining high output without compromising on presentation, hygiene or safety.

Semi automatic slicer A400
Semi automatic slicer A400

In Addition some of the highlights of the system are as follows.

  • Article memory for managed production control, with automated slice thickness adjustment.
  • High slicing performance without compromising on quality.
  • Adding Easy cleaning and maintenance due to ergonomic design with Ceraclean.
  • Including Removable functions and plates.
  • Always utilising maximum safety procedures for staff operating the system.

Semi Automatic Slicers – Areas of Use

Also you can use the semi automatic slicers in many retail food environments to include but not limited to consider the following.

  • Butchers shops.
  • Delicatessen Counters.
  • Supermarket meat Counters.
  • Cheese Counters.
  • All cold cut operations.
  • Light food production facilities.
  • Bakeries. See also Commercial Bread Slicers.
  • Farmers Markets or Food Markets.

In conclusion, Bizerba Slicer reducing wastage and improving efficiency in your retail and industrial business.

Finally, for more information on the Semi Automatic slicers, or would you like a free site survey contact Bizerba today. Alternatively you can call us to book an appointment to view the range at our show room.


Butcher Shop Meat Slicer

Butcher Shop Meat Slicer is the corner stone of the business. Creating perfect cuts for cooked and uncooked meat. Our range will cover every aspect for front and back of house food slicing and production. The most popular system for a butcher shop meat slicer would be the automatic gravity feed slicer GSP H.

Butcher Shop Meat Slicer GSP H

Considering the GSP H or any gravity feed slicer for the business is a big decision. Ensuring you have a hygienic and robust machine that is easy to operate even when cutting large products. Always considering hygiene, safety and energy efficiency.

Furthermore the GSP H can cut a huge variety of products in automatic and manual mode. Making this one of the most flexible systems on the market today.

Butcher Shop Meat Slicer fitted with Ceraclean

When hygiene is of utmost importance, we offer a surface unrivalled to date. The unique surface developed by Bizerba is harder than steel and can withstand any detergents thrown at it. Endurance, flexibility and hygiene all in one.

Why not look at the latest video. Is the GSP H the one for you?

Also consider for slightly smaller product range but a unit that still outperforms anything on the market today the Manual Gravity Slicer GSP.

Butcher Shop Meat Slicer – Manual Options

Another application or unit is the Validoline GSC280. When demand is high and performance if key. This is the unit preferred in most commercial kitchens.

In addition it is ideal for space saving. Kitchens cafeteria’s and delicatessens prefer this system over anything else. Hygiene and clean ability Ceraclean Surface. Outstanding gliding properties. Easy to clean. Accurate and ergonomic.

Butcher Shop Meat Slicer Bizerba Validoline
Butcher Shop Meat Slicer Bizerba Validoline.

Finally consider this has the most powerful motor for a unit of this size. It is also one of the most energy efficient on the market today. Combining the two most important factors in the industry. Cost and Efficiency. As always never scrimping on ergonomics and safety.

If you would like more information on our products and services, please contact Bizerba. We can offer free site surveys and consultation visits.


Commercial Bread Slicers

Bizerba now have Commercial Bread Slicers. Increasing the sectors we can now support. Taking the best industry know how and applying it. Firstly consider the history of the business. 150+ Years in slicing and weighing.

Who uses Bizerba Commercial Bread Slicers.

Anyone that sells bread. Basically if you sell uncut loaves. There is a place in your business for this machine. You can visit many supermarkets in the USA and you will see the Bread Slicer Agiloline B100.

Therefore why should you purchase one. Thousands of business’s across the US can’t be wrong. Since the commercial bread slicer will quarter, half and slice any uncut loaf.

Furthermore it can cut through warm bread, soft bread and leaves no wastage at all.

Agiloline Commercial Bread Slicers.

Especially relevant are some of the most impressive highlights of the bread slicer are as follows. The unit has a self service programme. Keeping safety paramount. Ensuring the user is protected at all times. In addition uses a standard 120 volt AC plug. The system is used everywhere in the store.

Also consider oil free slicing. Preventing any germs or bacteria build up. This extends the shelf life and lends it self to easy cleaning.

Furthermore you can view all the technical information and product information here. Agiloline Bread Slicer.

Best design and function.

To compliment the neutral colour design of the Agiloline B100 fits naturally into any environment. At the same time enhances the interior design of very tastefully equipped sales areas. With or without a stand.

It is a pleasure working with the commercial bread slicers. Thanks to superior design and high-quality material. Even hygienic cleaning in no time is extraordinary. The very best design and function.

This is true partnership.

Consequently high availability of valuable investments by means of preventative maintenance can be secured very easily, supported very effectively with the modular choice of service contracts. Every possible scenario is covered for every eventuality.

For a free site survey or visit. Contact Bizerba today.


Commercial Meat Slicers

Commercial Meat Slicers from Bizerba. One of the most popular in the range is the automatic gravity feed slicer. Setting the standards in hygiene and energy saving. The ergonomic design lends itself to heavy loads, slicing perfectly and effortlessly. Added support from the servo mechanism to enable a consistent and perfect slicing movement.

Commercial Meat Slicers – Areas of use

Particularly suited to high demand delicatessen outlets, capable of slicing a vast variety of products. Cooked and uncooked meats, cheeses and other food stuffs. Extremely popular as butcher shop meat slicer due to the extremely pleasing design, ideal for any sales counter. Perfectly suitable for canteens and kitchens where high quality and high output is required.

The automatic gravity commercial meat slicers GSP HD is extremely efficient and easy to clean. Fitted with the  Ceraclean® surface and the intelligent Emotion® blade drive not only produces a perfect product every time but is extremely energy efficient.

The latest video on the premium class gravity feed slicer GSP HD.

Commercial Meat Slicers – Highlights

The GSP HD boasts the flexibility, set up left to right, or right to left. Energy efficient and extremely quiet, due to the efficiency. No heat would be passed onto the depositing area. Elegant and practical slicing system, ideal for all your slicing needs.

In addition the GSP HD boasts an easy clean system for optimal hygiene requirements. Allowing you to place in the dishwasher all removable parts. Used in conjunction with Bizerba sharpeners which are separate units which offers a zero risk to hygiene during the sharpening process.

The range we have is vast, manual gravity slicers, semi automatic slicers or fully automatic, depending on your requirements and of course, taking into consideration the budget you may have to work to.

All our commercial meat slicers are made to the very highest standard. What ever version required be assured we will not compromise on quality. If you would like to view one of our slicers or would like more information on our products and services then feel free to contact Bizerba today.