Cooked Meat Slicer

Cooked Meat Slicer from Bizerba. Built with efficiency and safety in mind. Consider one of the very best meat slicers on the market today. In stock, next day delivery.

The most popular cooked meat slicer is the GSP H manual gravity feed slicer. This premium meat slicer sets the global standard for hygiene, efficiency and safety.

Cooked Meat Slicer – GSP H Features

Due to the inclined carriage and ergonomic design. Effortless slicing through gravity. Heavier products will not create any problems at all. The unique powerful blade drive system only uses the power required to slice each cut. Thus saving you further on energy costs. Why not watch the latest video on the GSP H.

Cooked Meat Slicer – Highlights

  • The right carriage version for any application
  • Drain on the slicing system and drain protection of liquids for a clean work station
  • Optional hygienic Ceraclean® surface
  • Optional energy and safety package allows automatic blade start/stop via slice thickness adjustment and vizualisation

Cooked Meat Slicer – High Capacity

In addition if you are looking for a high capacity cooked meat slicer. Then consider the automatic vertical slicer A400.  High capacity flexible solution for butchers shops and delicatessens. All slicing tasks are reproduced perfectly every time ready for packing. Consistent products every time. The high speed cooked meat slicer.


  • Carriage versions for different product lengths and re-clamping option
  • Inter leaver connection (dispenser for interleaving paper or film)
  • Stand with quick lift function for secure standing and easy transport of the A400

Finally for more information on the Bizerba slicers we have a dedicated page for the entire portfolio. The range includes retail and industrial meat slicers that can cope with some of the highest demands in the industry today.

Contact Bizerba for a free site survey. All Bizerba cooked meat slicers are in stock and available for next day delivery.