Bizerba Slicer, Reducing wastage, how?

Bizerba Slicer reducing wastage. What our customers are saying about the Bizerba GSP H Slicer.

This week we’re taking a look at the Bizerba Slicer Range– and finding out what our customers have to say about this popular product:

Bizerba Slicer GSP Highline

The Bizerba Slicer GSP H (Gravity Slicer Premium High-line) is one of our most robust models and is perfect for use in long-term operation for industrial settings including food retail, butchers shops, restaurant kitchens and food service applications.

With it’s smooth surfaces and clever design, the Bizerba Slicer GSP H is very easy to clean with accessible components and we recommend Bizerba Ceraclean hygiene on all surfaces, which are 30 times more resistant to abrasion. The slicer has several removable parts which are easily taken off and cleaned thoroughly in a dishwasher.

The GSP H is a popular choice amongst our customers as it is very versatile, there are other gravity feed slicers available from Bizerba with a range of carriage options and combinations, optional extras and diverse accessories and it’s modular design means it can be used to develop a bespoke business solution, module by module.

This adaptable slicing machine is suitable for many kinds of product – from heavy pieces of meat to firm vegetables – all of which can be sliced hygienically – and without excessive waste.

Bizerba Slicer Features

The Bizerba Slicer GSP H’s large product channel easily grabs large products right through to the uppermost peel or skin.

It comes with a range of optional accessories including a vegetable chute and tomato gauge with a waste holder adaptor – which enables both soft and firm items to be processed.

The innovative design means that it is impossible for products to become lost within the slicer – either between the carriage and gauge plate, or behind the hand guard – and the adjustable product support with it’s large cleaning gap prevents deposits from gathering at either end.

It is very safe to use – with a wider rear panel and an optional start-up inhibitor – offering maximum safety for the operator.


Maximum slicing quality
Minimum product waste
Optimum feed-in of product in a wide range of product applications
Products processed gently yet efficiently
Simple to keep clean with hygienic design and robust Ceraclean surfaces
Uses very little energy


But don’t just take our word for it. Find out what these customers have to say about the GSP H Slicer.

Michael Boyle at the Wellbeck farm Shop in Worksop likes the GSP H because it is much quieter than their old slicer.

Mohammed Iashaq of the Punjab kitchen, South Shields. Likes the level of control and adjustments can apply with the GSP H:

“Fantastic precise slicer from Bizerba”

Tony Middlemiss of Middlemiss butchers in Otley recently replaced their other brand of slicer with 2 Bizerba GSP H slicers and is delighted with the results. With their old slicer they were replacing blades yearly, but the GSP H is much more robust.

David Cockett of JW Cockett, Hawes says:

“A quality robust product”

Also John, butchery manager at WM Phelps in Paisley noticed a ‘big difference in the amount of wastage’. Compared to his old (different brand) slicer – the Bizerba GSP H is much more efficient. Creating much less product waste left.

Bruce, butchery manager at Simon Howie in Perth bought a second slicer from Bizerba saying:

“It’s a huge improvement on our old slicer. With a full metal rear wall carriage as opposed to the plastic type.”

In conclusion Interested to find out more about the GSP Highline and how it can work for your business. Get in touch with our sales team and we will be happy to help.

PDF Download Bizerba Gravity Slicer GSP


Automatic Slicer

If you are looking for an automatic slicer, then Bizerba will have an option for you. If you are looking for an industrial slicer. Please see the following video which show cases the top of the range high production slicer from Bizerba.

Automatic Slicer Scaleroline.

The Scaleroline industrial slicer is unique. Integrated weighing technology and is fully automatic. If this is too much for you. Read on for further information on the slightly more manageable automatic slicers from Bizerba.

Bizerba slicers, not only ideal for large manufacturing facilities but the range also covers the smaller range to accommodate, Butchers, Deli and Bakeries.

Which automatic slicer will I need?

Deciding which slicer you require will or should be based on three main factors. Output required. Space allocation and then of course, budget. Bizerba will have a solution for you.

We can offer free site surveys, consultation and advice. We also invite you to book an appointment to view the products at our showroom.

If you would prefer a smaller model, consider a manual gravity slicer. The Bizerba GSP model range sets worldwide standards for the most reliable and easily maintained gravity feed slicer.

The Slicers optionally fitted with Ceraclean® blade surfaces enabling easy cleaning and hygiene. The GSP range is ideal for all small kitchens, small delicatessens and cafeterias and canteens. This is an individual power slicer which will cut and slice a wide variety of different products.

Bizerba automatic slicers and gravity slicers are built with safety in mind. Furthermore they call come with easily detachable components. Enabling easy cleaning. As a result low maintenance and in conclusion easy repairs.

If you would like to contact Bizerba you can do on the link. You can then request a site survey, a price or book an appointment. We have consultants all across the country. Backed by a regional network of service and install engineers.