Inspection Vision System

Inspection Vision System from Bizerba. Checking packages from below and above. Every aspect of the products that are checked by differing layers of vision. Checking Seals, Labels and package integrity.

Inspection Vision System – Features

The BVS®-L maxx vision inspection system boasts checking and recording speeds of up to 200 packages per minute. Checking the products for everything from broken seals to damaged labels.

Normally used with precision checkweighing solutions which offer a critical layer of inspection to the production line. Rejecting any over weight or under weight packages. At all times the system is recording all the data. Excessive rejections will halt the line so that a physical check can me made by an operator.

Inspection Vision System – Highlights

Two cameras work in sync to enable maximum surface checking on every item. Offering a parallel view of the top and bottom of the packages on two separate displays at the same time. At all times the system is recording the images you may also manually view the recorded images at any time. Access to the images and reporting can also be done remotely off site.

Cameras read the text, identify the label type the bar code and will automatically reject any packages that do not meet the set criteria. The impressive belt speeds of over 110 meters per minute. Equating to over two hundred packages per minute.

Integration into existing systems is seamless. You can use third party equipment with this system. We supply weigh price labelling systems  that work in sync across the entire industrial range.

Full reporting is possible with the Bizerba statistical reporting software. Inspection vision systems from Bizerba guarantee no defective products at the end of the line.

We offer free site surveys and consultation visits to all industrial areas that may require inspection or checkweigher solutions. Contact Bizerba today to book a no obligation appointment to discuss your requirements.